Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of what is the best way to clean a dryer vent when the washer and dryer are stacked

I suggest you suck and never blow. If you use a shop vac, you can expect to Get anything you stir up. For those who blow unfastened lint everywhere in the heating factor it won't workout so well the next load you dry.

Vacuum out the motor, the vent as well as inside with the dryer. Clean carefully around wires and tiny parts to stay away from breaking them. For dryers with a removable front panel, release the metal catches (or remove screws) and pull the panel off (Photo 1).

Based upon your weather venting warm moist air to the crawl Area is just not a good suggestion and your crawlspace can likely fill up with good flammable lint (dryer lint is usually used as being a firestarter).

Even though your dryer vent is comparatively limited, it remains to be best to have it cleaned professionally and create a timetable for regular cleaning, possibly every year or so dependant upon what your company representative advises depending on your laundry practices.

Even if you’re diligent about emptying the lint screen, tiny fibers will get through the trap and into your dryer vent. Left unchecked, this lint can slowly snowball, to The purpose where an errant spark could lead to a significant conflagration inside the dryer vent.

Vacuum on the bottom floor. You will need to use a vacuum to clean out the size with the vent and, Except if you have access to an industrial vacuum, it's unlikely that you’ll have the ability to do this from the roof.

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The vent hood flap doesn’t open. - If the duct hood flap cannot open, or if lint and debris is obvious around the dryer hose or outside vent opening, that means the airflow is blocked.

As soon as their projects are done, the customers log in for their accounts and full a short cost study.

Initially Posted By aquaman67: I counsel you suck instead of blow. If you use a shop vac, you will Obtain nearly anything you stir up. In case you blow unfastened lint all around the heating factor it won't figure out so nicely the following load you dry.

Alternatives will range dependant on the homeowner and the situation. There is product for sucking out lint, which also has varying outcomes.

Ammy Suggests: April 26th, 2018 at 2:28 am I recognize your initiatives to make conscious of how to clean dryer vent but we should vacuum 1st to clean the lint from inside the vent. Lots of individuals use flexible vent which usually crushed and blocked airflow and result in the dryer to overheat.

However the cleaning process you used didn’t remove the lint completely. In reality I think website the brush pushed the lint deeper. Sucking out the lint with a vacuum to start with would have cleaned the vent far better.

When you have the dryer pulled out, vacuum off the back of your dryer, the washer, plus the wall behind each. Do away with as much lint as you possibly can. A clean laundry room is safer than a lint covered a single.

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